Epson PaperLab Recycling System

Chances are your office produces a lot of paper waste. And with Epson’s upcoming PaperLab Recycling System, the process that transforms used paper into fresh, blank sheets can be carried out entirely in-house, simultaneously sparing the need for confidential destruction of sensitive material. Feed documents in on one side and fire up the machine. About three minutes later, the first new sheet emerges, followed by many more — up to 14 sheets of A4 a minute, or 6,720 throughout an 8 hour day. Its secret is a waterless recycling process that breaks paper down to its fibres and melds them back together with one of various binders, allowing for customization of the paper by way of color, flame resistance, and even scent. Produce A4 or A3 sheets or even produce business cards right from the machine, making it as versatile as it is environmentally friendly.

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