Eon Skateboard Powertrain

Chances are you’ve already seen electric skateboards zooming by on the streets and felt envy. But what if you’ve already got a fully complete board you love? Unlimited Engineering’s Eon is a skateboard to e-skateboard conversion kit that’s an alternative for splurging for a full board-and-motor set. Slap an Eon powertrain onto your longboard or skateboard without even changing the trucks and then plug in the battery pack. A lightweight motor integrated in the hub of one of the rear wheels takes care of the rest, outputting enough power to get the rider up to 22 miles per hour and even go up hills with a 9% grade effortlessly using a handheld remote control. It’s modular, making Eon compatible with a wide variety of deck shapes and truck types, also accommodating the use of up to two battery packs for extended range: each will net you about 7.5 miles for a total 15 if you go for double. Predetermined kits include the lightweight one-motor, one-battery Solo, the one-motor, two-battery Cruiser, and the two-motor, two-battery R that boasts both the aforementioned extended range and more potent hill climbing capabilities (20% grade).

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $410+