Ember Temperature Adjustable Mug

This is no hyperbole: the Ember Temperature Adjustable Mug is the world’s most advanced drink vessel, with a design as clever as its name. Ember’s looks are inconspicuous enough when its display is off and holds 350ml (12 oz) or liquid, allowing you to drink from its 360 degree lip after a push to open its leak-proof lid.  But rotate the dial at the bottom of the mug to gradually adjust the temperature of your coffee or tea, keeping your drink at your chosen warmth for hours on end. Also control the temperature using the Ember mobile app by pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, which adds the benefit of letting you choose and save your preset for different drinks. The mug and app can even send notifications when your coffee is drinkable, so the days of testing and inevitably burning your mouth on scalding coffee are finally over.

Find it at Ember – $150