Embassy Pen

If you like your pens thick, heavy, and virtually indestructible, don’t skip over County Comm’s Embassy Pen. Used by government and military types around the world, there’s little chance that this writing tool will ever fail considering its machined metal body that doubles as a weapon in a pinch, rugged Fisher space cartridge refills that work upside down, under water, and in zero-gravity, plus a 301 grade stainless steel clip bolted onto its screw-on cap. Sure, it doesn’t offer clicky pen tactility or stash away in your pocket unnoticed – you can thank its weight for that – but it’s a perfect match for anybody favoring longevity, craftsmanship and pure, unadulterated functionality.

Find it at CountyComm in Aluminum ($55), Titanium ($125), or Copper ($295) [img]