Elysium Chair

The movie may have skewed your interpretation of the word’s meaning, but Elysium is a place of unwavering happiness. Which we presume is how you’d feel sitting in an Elysium Chair. Conceived by a PhD in bioengineering, the chair features a carbon fibre skeleton at its core that’s fused to traditional upholstery springs, varying in tension at different areas and covered by viscoelastic foams, to achieve near-perfect support and pressure relief across the human body. Reclining from an upright position takes as little as a touch of a lever, smoothly flowing backwards thanks to a frictionless cam. Somewhere in between upright and full recline the body passes a point of seeming zero gravity the load is taken off your spine and joints, and all without direct support to the spine. And if we’re fortunate perhaps these ergonomic advancements might one day make it to a chair that isn’t being produced in a limited run of just twenty.

Read more at DavidHugh – $26,000