Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

The smarts of a bike lock is inversely proportional to its susceptibility to thieves. Metal can only get so thick without weighing down your ride, though, so the Lattis Ellipse Smart Bike Lock tries to be more clever when it comes to securing your two wheeler. Its shackle is made of 17mm-thick steel and has a locking mechanism on both ends, meaning it takes two cuts to get through the lock. But unlike traditional locks it’ll notice tampering thanks to an integrated 3-axis accelerometer and send over a wireless alert at up to 800 feet away, no extra cellular plan needed. It also lets you ditch the key thanks to keyless unlocking from your smartphone, charges all by itself in daylight with a solar panel, and boasts bank-level encryption to render non-physical hacking attempts futile. Despite (or because of) its smarts you won’t need to walk home if your smartphone battery dies, either, since a programmable touchpad unlocks it with the right combination and even goes dark when not in use so passerbys won’t even notice its existence.

Find it at Lattis – $200