Electron Wheel

Want a motor-assisted bicycle? You’ve probably got a bike already, so convert it to electric with an Electron Wheel. Unlike previous options that install on the read Electron actually replaces your front wheel, making it much easier and quicker to install without having to fiddle around with your bike’s existing gearing. In fact it takes about a minute to add on the wheel itself by popping off your old one and slipping on Electron, reattaching using its built-in quick release. Then, attach the wheel’s wireless pedal sensor to one of your cranks using its velcro straps and you’re done. The wheel syncs up to their smartphone app to offer up metrics like distance, speed, and battery, though you don’t need to have your phone out to benefit since it automatically and seamlessly assists your pedalling to neutralize hills and facilitate your commute. It’ll can you to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour as needed, boasts a 30 mile range, and charges from dead to full in 2 hours. Plus it’s got two gaps — one on either end — to let you slip a lock through.

Find it at Electron Wheel – $800