Electrolite Goggle

Unless you have access to a Mandalorian battle helmet, you’d be hardpressed to find a more innovative and function-driven eye protection device. Electric’s Electrolite Goggle is more than the sum of its parts and yet seemingly weighs less than it. The 100% EVA frame makes it one of the lightest goggles ever made, while the thermo-set compression molded silicone strap ensures a secure fit in any situation. Goggles are no good if they don’t stay in place and Electrolite’s strap ensures a positive fit with integrated adjusters and ultra butter surfacing with Morse code detail. Of course what really makes a set of goggles beyond fit and finish is the lens system, and its fixed dual cylindrical thermoformed lens offers 100% UV protection, a strong anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coating, not to mention extreme peripheral vision. Astoundingly, these goggles weigh in at only 77 grams. They won’t just help your slope navigation skills but also make sure you look great in the lodge.