Electric Objects EO1

It’s not as static as a print, nor is it as overly bright and glossy as a modern television screen. Instead, the Electric Objects EO1 is perfectly suited to displaying art — and lots of it. The EO1 boasts a unique matte display with a viewing angle of about 179°, showing off images and GIFs (either your own, or found via Electric Objects’ Art Club) set using a matching iOS or Android app at a 1080×1920 resolution. It’s got no speakers, audio output, or even buttons really, other than a single on switch, meaning a viewer can’t switch the art displayed any quicker than one could switch a framed painting — or at least not without the controlling smartphone. And since it only uses 35 watts of power while running (or about as much as a standard lightbulb) and boasts programmable sleep schedules to save energy when it wouldn’t be seen, for instance at night, operating one is cheap as well.

Learn more at Electric Objects – $300 (or $270, with 10% off using code gearhungry)