Elbow Cassette Player

Those of who actually remember portable cassette players think of them like big, bulky boxes, because that’s exactly what they were. The Elbow Cassette Player concept is anything but. Stripped down to the bare essentials not unlike some record players of late, the device is smaller than an actual cassette and straddles it in a manner that puts the magnetic tape head above the tape while one motor spins the pulley to drive the tape. The biaxial front arm can also rotate to switch playing direction (by switching to the other pulley) and a control wheel on it turns the device on and ups volume as it’s twisted clockwise, on top of handling fast-forward functionality. Unsurprisingly there’s no Bluetooth so you’ll need a pair of wired headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack to listen. While production is not guaranteed by any means we’re willing to bet the response BrainMonk got from their marketing survey is enough to spark its eventually launch.

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