Ekobrew Elite Stainless Steel K-Cup

Brewing coffee with a Keurig is an absolute breeze. That said, we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking this convenient machine is doing the environment any favors. While several solutions already exist – notably Ekobrew’s original reusable K-Cup – we’re pretty set on the brand’s latest, the Ekobrew Elite. Subbing out plastic for metal, the Elite boasts a stainless steel body fitted with heat-resistant grips, a silicone O-ring, laser-perforated filter base, and an rugged steel hinge that won’t quit. Plus, brewing single-cup servings with your own grinds offers big cost savings over purchasing pre-filled K-Cups, meaning Ekobrew’s Elite will pay itself off in a few weeks time (or days, if you go through as much coffee as we do).

Pick one up at Amazon – $18 [via]