EHang 184 Drone

The EHang 184 Drone is not unlike the drones you’ve so far seen, but it’s bigger, heavier, and, notably, can carry one normal sized adult. With a dry weight of about 440 pounds and foldable propellor arms, this thing isn’t much harder to transport or store than your typical light water craft. It’s also entirely autonomous, hence it being a drone by definition: punch in your target destination on its touchscreen display and the quadcopter takes care of lift-off, flying to your destination, and landing safely, all while avoiding obstacles and communicating to other aircrafts as well as air traffic control. Whether you’re ready to trust your life to autonomous aircraft with a battery good for 23 minutes of flight time, and this before the first commercial autonomous automobiles are even available, is another question, as is whether it’ll be granted FAA approval. But it’s a step in an interesting direction at the least, and a concept that’s rapidly moving towards inevitability in the near future.

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