Egg Shop: The Cookbook

The Egg Shop is New York’s answer to an all hours brunch and cocktails hangout. Egg Shop: The Cookbook is Chef, Egg Shop partner, and author Nick Korbee’s recipe opus to that establishment. Eggs are more than just super protein packed in a to-go shell: they’re the perfect compliment to New York’s wealth of local produce and artisanal meats, grains and cheeses. With the Egg Shop cookbook, you can experience the same culinary delights at home and avoid midtown traffic. Over 100 recipes cover egg-cooking techniques as well as instructions on incorporating eggs into health-conscious to decadent dishes using fresh ingredients. Nick shows the reader there’s more to eggs than poached, scrambled, or fried. Included are flavorful recipes like Eggs Caviar, Classic Eggs Benedict, Pop’s Double Stuffed, and even Egg Salad. Even the most savvy chef will come away knowing more about natures shelled marvel.

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