Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Folder 18

If you travel, you know the trials and tribulations associated with finding a “clothes packer”, i.e. folder that is lightweight, roomy, and takes care of your clothes by reducing wrinkles. Eagle Creek’s Travel Gear Pack-It Folder is the solution to a problem that has plagued man since Wilbur and Orville made their first flight. This poly micro-weave bag allows you to stuff more “stuff” while minimizing wrinkles, allowing you to carry 8 to 12 shirts or pants in most carry-ons. And, at just over 1 pound you won’t dislocate your shoulder carrying it. If you’re wondering how to pack so much in a case so small, the Gear Pack-It also comes with a helpful folding instruction board for the space conscious traveler.

Grab one at Amazon or check out the other sizes – $25