E-Go Cruiser

Not since the introduction of Skate or Die! in 1988 has technology and boarding come together so seamlessly. The E-Go Cruiser is an eco-friendly, esthetically pleasing, commute easing electric motor-powered skateboard with a wireless handheld remote control. The lithium ion battery lasts up to 3 and a half hours during which time the Cruiser can cover up to 18 miles (30km). Charging takes as little as 3 hours, and is enhanced with the ABS battery recharge when braking, controlled by the Cruiser’s onboard computer. The controller itself weighs less than a smart phone and works with the motion of your hand to accelerate or stop. In fact, everything about the Cruiser can be controlled without your eyes leaving the road. And unlike computer controlled skateboards from ’88, you won’t have to ride in 8-bit.

Find it at Amazon orĀ E-Go – $700