Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Lugging a canister vacuum through the house, up stairs, across an untidy man cave floor, and to the car is an absolute drag. Lucky, then, that Dyson’s lightweight DC59 Motorhead handily outperforms other cordless vacuums with regards to suction, even topping many full-sized machines. At its core lies Dyson’s lightweight V6 motor and 2 Tier Radial cyclones that generate high centrifugal forces to spin even microscopic dust out of the airflow. The DC59 Motorhead also boasts hygienic bin emptying at the push of a button (think trap door on its underside), a wall-mountable docking station, 24 minutes of cleaning time per charge, and also includes a variety of accessories to adapt to any task at hand, including carpets, hard flooring, plus ceilings and hard to reach corners.

Hit up Dyson ($550) or Amazon to ($450) to learn more. 

Presented by our friends at Dyson.