Dyson 360 Eye Robotic Vacuum

Dyson’s aptly named 360 Eye — its first robotic vacuum, by the by — doesn’t simply stumble around your room to discover where lie walls or immovable objects; instead, it relies upon a top-mounted 360° camera that charts out the room around it, calculating an optimal plan of action to cover maximum surface area without cleaning the same place twice. It’s also the highest suction-producing robot vacuum to date thanks to Dyson’s V2 motor and Radial Root Cyclone, generating high centrifugal forces to spin out small, unwanted particles like pollen and mold. Add in continuous tank treads for added floor grip and a full-width brush bar suitable for hard floors and carpets alike, and it’s little wonder why Dyson’s 360 Eye nailed the top spot of our home maintenance wish list.

Coming next spring. Learn more at Dyson – $TBA [via]