Dumpsty Desk Dumpster

Keeping all the stuff on our desk in line is no easy task. Normal desk organizers just don’t have the sheer volume to handle our half dozen Kickstarter pens, tablet styluses, stapler, ruler, scissors, and more. Dumpsty easily gobbles up all your ┬ájunk, which is not necessarily restricted to the desk given its sheer size (10 inches tall); in fact, it’ll handle your standard desk organizers too, plus some CDs, magazines, miscellaneous gear, plus a few personal treasures. Else, it’s finely detailed to stay true to its full-sized brethren, is made using heavy duty recycled steel, and is decked out with soft rubber wheels and two independent hinged rubber lids to “keep in the smell”.

Hit up Dumpsty for the full lineup – $150 (raw steel) to $250 (hand painted limited editions) [via]