Double O Magnetic Bike Light

Theft is every city biker’s mind, hence why we all usually strip our two-wheelers of any and all easily removable accessories. Paul Cocksedge’s Double O makes this a breeze – for your bike light, anyway – by docking to its mount using powerful neodymium-grade magnets hidden within their enclosures. Both headlight and taillight use twelve LEDs each to deliver 80 and 45 lumens of brightness, respectively, emitting about the same amount of light as competitors but in a less harsh, more diffuse manner. They’re also waterproof, durable, charge by USB in about an hour and a half, run for between 2 and 10 hours depending on the mode, and actually don’t have to be taken with you when leaving your bike, since they can conveniently be threaded onto a lock and left secured with your bike.

Hit up Kickstarter for more info – $66+, or $115 for a set