DJI Spark Drone

By far the smallest drone coming out of the Shenzhen-based company’s factories, DJI’s Spark Drone is both simpler and smarter than its larger brethren. For one, it can be deployed on the fly without the need for a remote, launching from the palm of your hand to be controlled using nothing but hand gestures to position it just right and snap photos (namely selfies). Then, it lands back in your palm. These smart features extend to make Spark aware of its surroundings as well, avoiding obstacles and landing itself using a slew of sensors that include GPS, 3D sensors, a vision positioning system, and even its primary camera.

Despite its beer can-sized body it’s still equipped with a 2-axis mechanical gimbal, four powerful motors with enough propulsion to brave strong winds and hit speeds of 31 mph, and a battery good for 16 minutes of flight time. Of course it’s also got more long range control options as well, including your smartphone (for a range of about 330 feet) and 1.2 miles with DJI’s optional HD WiFi dedicated remote, which also makes use of your smartphone as a display.