DJI Ronin 2 DSLR Gimbal

Stabilizing a flying camera isn’t easy. DJI’s been doing it for awhile on their drones, and they’ve transposed this know-how into handheld gimbals as well. And the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal is by far the most capable of the latter so far. Equipped with an enlarged camera cage and high torque motors, this gimbal can handle a variety of rigs — including some by RED and Black Magic — up to 30 pounds in weight, stabilizing them in high winds and even at speeds of up to 75 mph such as when mounted to a car. Ease of use is crucial so an integrated touchscreen accelerates setup and controls, while the intuitive Gimbal Assistant app lets you plan out timelapses and panorama shots easier than ever. The Ronin 2 also has dual hot-swappable batteries (that also run in temperatures as low as -4°F) for uninterrupted shooting, a carbon fiber build for low weight and high strength, and integrated GPS that’s necessary for maintaining the camera’s positioning and angle while moving at high speeds. Good thing, too, considering it’s highly mountable, attaching to cable cams, Steadicams, drones, vehicles, and cranes, amongst others.

All we’re missing is the price. Learn more at DJI – $TBA