DJI Phantom 4

Its aesthetic is undeniably minimal. An adjective that works just as well to describe the skills needed to fly the DJI Phantom 4. Getting it up in the air is as simple as tapping a button, and the drone will actually refuse to fly into obstacles in its path like trees or poles thanks to an array of sensors, protecting your pricy toy. A 4K camera records at 30 fps (or 120fps in 1080p) and sits at the end of a 3-axis gimbal for stability through winds and complex maneuvers. Combine its obstacle avoidance, its camera, and an increased range of over 3 miles, this is likely the first consumer-ready drone we’d feel comfortable flying outside our visual range using a video feed alone. Other features include ActiveTrack, which follows its intended target without the need for a GPS tracker, increased flight time (up to 28 minutes), and multiple flight modes ranging from those for beginners to Sport mode that enables extra agility and attains speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Learn more at DJI – $1,400