DJI Matrice 600 Aerial Platform

It’s target demographic isn’t hobbyists. But if you’re looking for professional-grade aerial photography and videography and are willing to pay a price that’s several times higher than the brand’s other drones, the DJI Matrice 600 Aerial Platform won’t let you down. Six arms with dustproof propulsion systems keep the platform reliably afloat for long periods of time and tow a maximum payload of 6 kilograms, allowing for the use of a variety of cameras systems including the Zenmuse X5, RED Epic, plus many Canon and Nikon cameras as well as others. It’s compatible with DJI’s own Ronin MX gimbal as well as all of Zenmuse’s, flies with six batteries for redundancy in case of failure (and to simplify cross-border transport), and boasts numerous upgradeable features including centimetre-level positioning accuracy and extended video transmission range of up to 5 kilometres. It’ll float and capture footage for up to 36 minutes on a charge with smaller cameras and even boasts retractible landing gear to avoid obstructing the camera.

Read more at DJI – $4,600