DIY Wooden Lap Desk

Despite their name, placing a laptops on your lap isn’t really optimal for getting work done, and every lap desk we’ve seen to date in both brick and mortar stores and around the internet has disappointed aesthetically (and presumably would in terms of build quality, but we’ve never bothered to buy one). We’re always on the lookout for a good project to boost our DIY cred, and this wooden lap desk is the ideal candidate. All it takes to build one of these kickass desks is about $20 in raw materials (a good part of which you may already have at home) and a bit of elbow grease (more if you’re planning on painting the Triforce all over the fabric, which we’re pretty much sold on doing ourselves). A bit of staining plus a few staples later and you’ve got yourself an awesome lap desk to take to the couch.

Learn more at Our Nerd Home – $0 to $20 [via]