Division Furtive Type 50 & Type 50X

Looking for a distinctive timepiece to round out your collection? You just found it. Division Furtive’s individually serialized, sapphire glass-capped Type 50 (shown) & Type 50X (flux capacitor dial) boast a unique dual linear LED display that illuminates only when you twist your wrist to have a look at the time, displaying the hours across the top cursor and the minutes underneath. And though devoid of buttons, an inbuilt accelerometer grants access to a range of other features by simply tapping on the crystal, including chronometer functionality, a calendar, moon phase tracking, travel time adjustments, power reserve indicator (to know when to change its user-serviceable AAA battery which lasts, on average, one year) and a dual-intensity flashlight mode that activates all its LEDs to shed a surprising amount of light. Best of all its timekeeping is extremely precise, set in seconds by visiting their link on your smartphone — or any web-enabled device, really — and placing your watch atop it.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $265