Disintegrating Car Prints

We don’t often stop and appreciate the harmonious complexity of the machines that make up the modern automobile. Fabian Oefner’s Disintegrating Car Prints gives us a closer look at the inner workings of a car, seemingly frozen in time moments after a perfectly ordered detonation. Each half-photographed, half-digitized image was meticulously crafted by shooting individual, perfectly angled and lit parts, then digitally splicing them together over two months. Needless to say the result is absolutely stunning, and each of the series’ three classic sports cars – a 1954 Mercedes Gullwing, ’61 Jaguar E-Type, and ’67 Ferrari 330 P4 – is available for purchase as a very limited (25 total, each) 47- by 27-inch print.¬†Even if you can’t afford to drop 21 bills, the high-res images they’re based on are available for free download here, and are probably far more worthy of your desktop’s background real estate than whatever default image you’re currently displaying.

Check out the series at Fabian Oefner Р$2,100