Discommon Aluminum Straight Razor

A traditional straight razor with a futuristic twist. The Aluminium Straight Razor from Discommon was created as a follow up to the original, pricier Titanium model through their self-proclaimed “Ocean’s 11” approach of product development, sourcing materials from a network of Discommon’s collaborates to push the limits of product design. The Straight Razor continues Discommon’s exploration of advanced materials featuring aerospace grade aluminum, and covered in a micro texture, providing grip even when wet. It’s comprised of hand polished finished parts, which are then anodized a gunmetal colour. Crafted in collaboration with Hart Steel, the custom blade cuts with exceptional precision, while a hardened steel stop pin holds the blade in closed position to prevent dulling when not in use. The entire razor rests inside a custom leather and felt carry case, and is the epitome of luxury.

Learn more at Discommon – $800