Defonce Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Looking to eat instead of smoke? Unless you’ve been AFK for the past year you’re probably familiar with the large amount of edible options far tastier and more predictable than baking brownies. Défoncé’s Cannabis-Infused Chocolate is another to add to the list, and one that’s crafted by experienced chocolatiers who put as much care into the chocolate as they do the marijuana-fueled experience. Each one of their bars are made with high-quality Fair Trade ingredients and spans a cacao range from 31% in their White to 81% in their Super Dark.

The cannabis, on the other hand, is sourced from a Sierra Nevada Foothills farm and melded with oil using a CO2 extraction process that ends with an exceptionally pure cannabinoid concentrate devoid of the strong, unpleasant taste often present in edibles. The result is delicious chocolate that contains a precisely dosed, triple-checked 180mg of THC — or 10mg per pyramid or end — so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Learn more at Défoncé Chocolatier – $20