Decibel Modular Speaker

We’re accustomed to tech products that don’t last and that are instead replaced on a one, two or three year cycle. The Module Project’s Decibel Modular Speaker is instead built for the long haul. An Allen key is all it takes to crack open its anodized aluminum shell and make repairs or swap components since no glue is used to hold parts together. If significant advancements in one technology or another warrant an upgrade, the speaker units (two two-inch bass drivers and two tweeters), lithium ion batteries, and electronic control module (which, notably, houses its Bluetooth antenna along with all other electronics) can all be traded out for newer versions, sparing all other components as well as the case from further populating landfills. Decibel also promises 24 hours of battery life, USB-C fast charging, and wireless charging.

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Learn more here – $195