Davek Alert Umbrella

A well-designed umbrella will endure the elements admirably, but thoughtful and durable construction can’t help much if you misplace or lose it. Davek’s Alert Umbrella is expertly built and boasts a core rib of steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass that reliably holds up against strong winds (and reverts back unharmed in the event of an inversion) coupled to an ultra-thin 190-thread count microfiber fabric and 3-action button system to both open and close with sequential presses. What sets it apart from the brand’s previous models, though, is the Bluetooth Low Energy module in the handle that sends a notification to your smartphone if the distance between your umbrella and device exceeds 30 feet. And don’t worry about often changing batteries or recharging: depending on usage, a single coin cell should last about a year or two in the Alert before running dry.

Find it at Davek – $130