Dash Wireless Smart Headphones

The term Smart headphones is probably not one you’re familiar with, but the concept is straightforward: pack functionality – as much as modern day technology will permit, anyway – into a pair of cans. Executing this idea, of course, isn’t exactly a piece of cake, but Bragi may just pull it off with Dash. These lightweight wireless earbuds ditch tangle-prone wires, instead packing a 100 mAh battery in each unit to squeeze out roughly 3-4 hours of play time over Bluetooth, or straight from their 4GB on-board memory if you’re without phone. Throw in an Ear Bone mic for answering calls, a 3-axis accelerometer to track physical activity, passive sound insulation via sized silicone sleeves, a 5 field capacitive sensor for touch control (fiddle with the right bud for music and the left for tracking), heart rate & oxygen saturation sensors, plus 1 meter depth of water resistance, and Dash may just well be worth its price tag.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $200