Das Keyboard 5Q Cloud-Connected Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards aren’t usually thought of as forward-thinking — after all, their main selling point is the use of mechanical switches similar to those on the first keyboards. But describing the Das Keyboard 5Q as anything else would be flat out wrong. The keyboard is of course fitted with Omron-made Gamma Zulu mechanical switches and RGB backlighting but it’s more intriguingly equipped with an ARM processor and software that makes it the first cloud-connected keyboard. Practically, this lets you associate individual keys to pulse or change colors as a notification triggered by specific events such as emails from specific senders, a stock hitting a set price, an eBay auction you’re following, and much more, effectively turning an input device into an output device as well. Press the Q button (not the key, but rather the big circular button on the top right) to see and deal with your notifications when you’re ready.

Learn more at Das Keyboard or preorder at their shop – $230 [via]