Daneson Single Malt No. 16 Toothpicks

Always carry a large flagon of scotch in case of snakebite, and furthermore always carry a small snake. If you don’t have room for a flask or snake, carry a twelve toothpick pack of Single Malt No. 16. A single malt scotch recipe from Islay makes these toothpicks special. The complex smoky, peaty flavor imbued in each pick is a result of literally soaking each one in premium single malt scotch, before kiln drying. Not just for 80+ year olds, single malt scotch is for the most discerning. And while toothpicks are for everyone, only the cultured will relish the complexities of these after dinner delights.

Pick a pack at Prospector Co ($5) or 4 to 24 at Daneson ($36 to $216)