CW&T Key Wrangler

Designed and built by CW&T, the makers of our favorite pens, the Key Wrangler is the Brooklyn brand’s latest creation: a keyring to tidy up your keys, with a bit of added functionality. Your keys safely slip onto a key post that’s unscrewed using a small flathead, or with the knurled portion using just your fingers. It’s wide so it’ll fit a ton of keys (up to 17 normal-sized ones), and there’s enough clearance from the post to the frame to fit even larger keys that can then rotate and be positioned freely. Some more cleverness went into it as well: the spring clip closure doubles as a bottle opener and the triangular shape of the opener means all the keys cleanly slide to one side when hanging on a belt loop or backpack. Comes in raw stainless or with a rugged cerakote finish in black or orange.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $55