Cove Water Filtration System

Smarter than your average Brita on multiple fronts, the Cove Water Filtration System notably purifies your water to an obsessive degree. When Cove’s pail is filled, water passes through the first-stage filter equipped with silver impregnated carbon, activated alumina, ion exchange, and mineral stones, removing most impurities before filling its glass tank. Then, swipe the touch-sensitive strip to dispense water — a faster swipe results in a faster pour — and tap to stop; as it’s pouring, water passes through second-stage filter blocks to catch any residual impurities. It also boasts built-in refrigeration, an automatic, adjustable light to make finding Cove at night easy, and the Cove app that can set filter replacement reminders and, if you’d like, hydration reminders as well.

Preorder at Cove – $250