Coros Linx Bone-Conducting Helmet

Without adequate open-ear headphones listening to music while riding is highly dangerous, to say the least. The Coros Linx Bone-Conducting Helmet lets you enjoy your music, albeit without headphones of any sort nor cables. Link your smartphone to the helmet via Bluetooth 4.0 and start shuffling through your playlist; bone-conduction technology gets the music to your ears without blocking them or impeding ambient noise, letting engines, horns, pedestrians, and all other road noises come through loud and clear to stay alert. Should you need to take a call the helmet also sports a wind-resistant microphone, and answering calls — as well as skipping tracks, pausing/playing, and volume controls — are all handled equally safely by a handlebar mounted Smart Remote. Weather (read: water) resistance, extreme ventilation, and high adjustability add up to make this high tech helmet just as practical as it is feature-packed.

Learn more at Coros – $200