Cobalt CO50 Valkyrie

Wagner never envisioned something like this. The introduction by Cobalt Aircraft of the CO50 Valkyrie harkens one of the fastest piston aircraft on the market. Badass falls far short of describing this fighter jet inspired beast. A range of custom exterior finishes accentuates the elegant lines of Valkyrie. But who cares about color when you’re sitting behind the stick of a state of the art flying machine like the CO50. Full pushrod-bellcrank mechanisms, retractable landing gear, hand stitched leather seats by Hermes, full IFR with a place on the dash for your ipad and more make the Valkyrie a joy to look at and fly. Now for the fun stuff: a 350hp turbo-charged engine pushes the craft to 260 knots with a range of over 1000 miles. Foreword canards add to maneuverability and mitigate stalls, providing a stable and comfy ride. The largest in the world one-piece canopy offers a 320 degree view from the cockpit while seating for five and plenty of room for your golf clubs & luggage make Valkyrie a versatile craft for business or family. And if you’re a less than competent pilot (or suffer a mechanical failure… unlikely) an optional full aircraft parachute will gently lower you to the ground where chiding from your fellow pilots will surely follow.

Learn more at Cobalt – $699,000+