CMRA Apple Watch Camera Band

Your Apple Watch straps a tiny, surprisingly functional computer to your wrist, but it’s always been deprived of a camera. Here to fill that void is Glide’s CMRA Apple Watch Camera Band. It’s a flexible elastomer strap that’s equipped with not one but two cameras: a 2-megapixel self-facing cam and an 8-megapixel outward-facing one, both with Sony sensors to shoot quality photos and crisp HD video. The strap has a single button that’s used as a shutter, 8GB of memory to store it all, and a battery that’s good for snapping hundreds of photos on a charge or about 30 minutes of video. Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity it integrates right in with your watch and even allows for video conferencing using Glide’s watchOS app. Conveniently included is a dock that charges both strap and watch simultaneously.

Find it at CMRA – $150