ClipR Wireless Audio Adapter

Remember the giant boom-boxes that graced the shoulders of music lovers from city to city only scant decades ago? Then came the Walkman (or Discman, for a few unfortunates), portable CD players, and finally electronic music devices like the iPod. Besides music, these seemingly disparate technologies share something in common – aside from the obnoxious boom-box, anyhow: they all relied on wired audio translation and amplification devices, aka headphones. ClipR helps you partially cut the wires and enjoy your music or talk on the phone while your audio is wirelessly projected to any wired receiving speaker or output device. The extremely portable ClipR is a fully NFC enabled, Bluetooth 4.0 receiver for home stereo, headphones, car, spear or anything else that uses a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Its built in clip attaches to nearly any thin surface and the device is coated in a rugged polymer to stand up to anything you can throw at it, through both indoor and outdoor adventures alike. What’s more, it boasts a noise cancelling microphone, offers 10 hours of talk time and has a range of over 30 feet.

Grab one on Amazon or MuseMini – $40