Click & Grow Wall Farm

Dream of growing your own produce? Your cramped apartment might not have a yard but it can still have a garden with the Click & Grow Wall Farm. Like their counter-friendly Smart Herb Garden, the Wall Farm makes tending to your growing vegetables nearly effortless. The shelf-like farm comes in two sizes — regular and mini — and boasts integrated 26W LED growing lights and an electronic precision irrigation system to grow plants fast while using far less water than traditional farming. It’s also reliant on Click & Grow’s Smart Soil that comes with each plant refill pack and that’s more nutrition- and oxygen-packed than traditional soil, also eliminating the need for pesticides (and of course preservatives, since your food won’t be making its way to you from across the world). The larger of the two handles up to 57 plants simultaneously while the compact mini fits 38, with an expanding variety of herbs, plants, greens and flowers to choose from.

Learn more at Click & Grow – $200 to $800