Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

Outdoor gardening is a bit unpredictable. So ensure control over everything with the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden, which uses a height-adjustable LED grow lamp that shines for 16 hours a day at just the right spectra for optimal plant growth alongside an extra-large water reservoir that needs to be filled very occasionally — if you completely forget or leave on a trip it’ll keep on watering your plants for about a month. When water runs drastically low the light will flash to warn you, though it shouldn’t get to that since there’s also a fill indicator that dips lower and lower as the water dries out. Each garden includes three basil capsules with a variety of refills available including mini tomatoes, chili peppers, mimosa, and wild straberry, to name a few. Also available are three wooden cases to deck our your device made of either white oat, black alder or dark walnut.

Learn more at Click & Grow or Amazon – $60+