Cinder Sensing Cooker

Frankly, the tools used in most kitchens are rudimentary, relying on direct sources of imprecise heat to — more or less — cook our food. In comparison, sous vide machines are revolutionary, and now the Cinder Sensing Cooker aims to improve upon the process, and all without the use of water and vacuum sealed plastic bags. Cinder delivers precise heat to its dual aluminum plates, attaining an evenness that’s maintained within two degrees across the entire surface thanks to extremely accurate temperature sensors. Use their smartphone and tablet app to select what you’re cooking, how you like it, and then customize it to your precise liking. Cinder then gets to work, cooking your food — steak, fish, vegetables… in short, just about anything you’d normally prepare on a cooktop or pan — to perfection, afterwards holding it at an optimal temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Learn more at Cinder – $500