Chrome Reflective Camo Series

Camo packs may help you go unnoticed in the shrubbery or the last row in class, but at night and on a bike that level of stealth is the exact opposite of what’s good for you. Enter Chrome’s Reflective Camo Series, a line of packs that gives you the best of both worlds – an awesome camo pattern in the day and extreme reflectiveness after sunset – thanks to an overlaid rain print that bounces back light from up to 100 feet away. They’re also each made in the USA using bombproof & weatherproof materials such as abrasion-resistant Cordura, a truck tarpaulin inner liner, and five-bar seatbelt webbing, meaning they won’t fall apart unless you’re trying (and even then).

Check out the lineup at Chrome – $95 (Victor), $180 (Citizen; right), $200 (Barrage; left)