Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

It’s imposing as all hell at six and a half feet tall and over seven feet wide. That said, the experimental Chevrolet Colorado ZH2’s most interesting feature is that it’s devoid of a gas tank, running instead on hydrogen fuel cells in the form of an Exportable Power Take-Off unit that also lets the user pull the fuel cell out of the car for powering other equipment. True to its looks, the ZH2 — which was developed over the last year by GM and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center  — features reinforcing on the inside and out as well as 37-inch tires and a custom suspension that tackles a wide range of uneven terrain. You can’t buy it just yet, but the technology inside may one day trickle down into more mainstream products, with benefits that include near silent operation and lower heat generation, the latter particular useful for evading enemies using thermal cameras.

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