Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

Whether we’re going camping for the weekend or road tripping with the boys to an undisclosed destination, a bag (or 10) of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is the perfect savory snack to pack along. Rich in protein & low in fat, this jerky is made from hand-cut premium beef steak and doused in the finest ingredients sure to vigorously stimulate your taste buds. Their focus on natural quality is what puts Chef’s Cut ahead of your typical truck stop’s tough-meat varieties, with a particularly compelling packaging to boot. Not a fan of beef? Try the as-tasty chicken or turkey jerky instead. However, we tend to reach for the Chipotle Cracked Pepper Steak Jerky for that extra mouth-watering oomph.

Grab 4- or 8-packs at Chef’s Cut Real Jerky ($28 to $56) or single packs on Amazon ($10)