CENTR 360° Video Camera

Film like you’ve got eyes in the back of your head with CENTR. With this 1/2lb. handheld device, you hold the power to capture 360 degree 60fps video in real time. But that’s just the beginning of what CENTR’s abilities. If you don’t want to shoot in 360° there’s an individual camera selection, or a 4K panoramic video option. 20MP time-lapse photos and Bluetooth-enabled mobile device controls add to CENTR’s functionality. How’s it work? CENTR stitches together videos from four independent HD image sensors, one every 90 degrees. Recorded footage can then be viewed through your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or in real-time via Wi-Fi. You’ll even be able to record a 360 selfie. The development team has thought of everything from quick change batteries to GoPro tripod mounts and even an integrated digital bubble level; the inspiration is up to you.

Support CENTR at Kickstarter – $300