BOLDR Odyssey Automatic Watch

Many dive watches look the part but can’t take the pressure, literally, of deeper dives. BOLDR’s Odyssey automatic watch can, and also won’t put much of a dent in your wallet. The Odyssey is powered by a reliable Seiko automatic movement and boasts a screwdown caseback, triple lock screwdown crown, a helium escape valve, and a robust case, all in all earning it a 500 meter (1,650 feet) water resistance rating that’s, realistically, probably more than you’d want to test. A dive-functional 120 click unidirectional bezel and double domed sapphire crystal round out its features and work towards the aesthetic it sets even when you’re not diving. Otherwise the timepiece comes in Steel Blue, White Storm, and Ever Black, all with Superlume index markers and both a premium Italian leather and a polyurethane strap, the former for solid land and the latter for dive sessions. Not to mention two limited edition pieces with a Swiss STP1-11 movement, one in Steel Blue and one in MeteoBlack with 4 billion year-old piece of meteorite serving as the dial.

Learn more at Kickstarter roughly $260

GET IT: ~$260


Barrington Watch Winders

The job of a watch winder is pretty simple: spin a watch many times over to keep it wound. But any automatic watch amateur knows this job is crucial, lest they wear the watch just about every day. Barrington Watch Winders get this done reliably and with a design aesthetic that won’t be outclassed by the contained watch itself. Each winder features a whisper quiet motor that won’t drive you crazy while winding, directional control to turn clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternate between both, as well as the option to set turns per day to between 650 and 1950. They of course come in simple single winder versions for a single watch, though owners of several mechanical watches can spring for a two, four, six, or twelve watch winders that’ll keep your whole collections ticking away even during prolonged leaves of absence from your wrist.

Learn more at Barrington Watch Winders – $180+

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Ressence x Hodinkee Type 1H

Unique and stunning as with all Ressence timepieces, the Ressence x Hodinkee Type 1H uses the watchmaker’s unusual orbital display instead of hands to display the time but is also, for the first time, skeletonized, letting you peer into the inner workings of the highly complex mechanisms within. The nested dial discs beneath its domed sapphire crystal lens are all made of sandblasted silver and boast milled markings and numerals filled with dark grey SuperLuminova for a brilliant bright green shine in the dark. Hodinkee’s contributions also went further: it’s also smaller and more compact than Ressence’s other pieces, with a diameter of 41.5mm and a thickness of 12mm, and is their first to be set in a stainless steel case. Sadly limited to 20 pieces and all are already accounted for, but if you want one join their waitlist and pray.

Find it at Hodinkee’s Shop – $22,500

GET IT: $22,500


Dietrich OT Watch

With a distinctive design that’s inspired by nature rather than by man’s own creations, Dietrich’s OT Watch line — which stands for Organic Time — is bold, intricate, and maybe a tad divisive. Each features luminescent hands shaped like leaves, a spinning star which represents seconds, a 24-hour time disk, and a sapphire crystal lens etched on the underside with hour and minute markings capping a steel case. A modified Miyota 82S7 automatic movement powers the timepiece, visible as it ticks away through the large cutout in the center of its layered dial. Despite a 46mm width and a not-insignificant overall heft it’s extremely comfortable thanks to its flowing organic curves as well as the pass-through strap that slips through the lugs on either end. It comes in a variety of case and dial color combinations, not to mention higher-end models with forged carbon bezels.

Learn more at Dietrich – $1,215+

Presented by Dietrich.

GET IT: $1,215+


Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M

Many dive watches are worn for style. Contrarily, the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M is best reserved for actual diving. Rated, as its name suggests, to extreme depths, it’s the first to also come equipped with Citizen’s integrated solar panel dial that keeps the watch’s batteries charged up just by exposure to light — something that’s notably absent in the deep sea, but several years of reserve power more than make up for it. The Super Titanium watch of course is also both very thick and wide like similarly-rated divers, which is necessary to withstand exceptional pressures, and boasts a helium escape valve plus a locking bezel.

Available this summer. Until then, read more at worn&wound – $2,300



HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch

A minimalist version of their boastfully complex H1 timepiece, the HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch hides the vast majority of its inner workings behind a curved dial, spinning two hands (for seconds and minutes) and pushing a semi-transparent, colored fluid around a glass tube bordering its face to boldly display hours. Though two openings lower down on the dial do give a modest glimpse into the bellows beneath, part of its manually-wound HYT calibre movement that’s ticking away with a power reserve of 65 hours. Otherwise the H0 sports sapphire crystal lenses on both front and back, precise micro-blasted hand and minute dials with Super-LumiNova coatings on time indicators, and a water resistance of 30 meters — all features we’d hope to expect from a timepiece that costs as much as a couple of cars.

Read more at HYT – roughly $57,000 [via]

GET IT: ~$57,000


Montblanc Summit Smartwatch

Last week we saw Tag Heuer’s latest take on the smartwatch. This week we meet Montblanc’s first. The Montblanc Summit Smartwatch pairs the brand’s classic design with a 400 by 400 pixel AMOLED display (that’s shielded by a domed sapphire crystal lens) and tech-heavy features that let it do a lot more than just time telling. A suite of features streamline use and include Google Assistant, Global translator, voice-to-text messaging, and Google Maps for navigation — perhaps no surprise considering the Summit runs the latest version of Android Wear. The 46mm diameter watch also tracks activity levels and boasts a surprising amount of sensors including a heart rate monitor, e-compass, and barometer. Each also comes with various analog-looking Montblanc faces to adapt to any occasion — or any outfit.

Learn more at Montblanc – $890

GET IT: $890+


Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch

Smartwatches all run more or less the same operating systems, be it watchOS on the Apple side and Android Wear for just about all others. And the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch is no different in this respect, running the latter. Where it sets itself apart is modularity, since this latest gen model lets you swap out parts — and not just straps, either, but the buckle, lugs, bezel, or even the watch’s core module itself, when warranted. The module that’s included now though is already amongst the best in the market, boasting a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, an Intel Atom processor, 4GB of onboard storage, and a battery of sensors and wireless radios that notably include GPS, NFC, a mic, and even WiFi alongside Bluetooth 4.1. And like any good Swiss timepiece it’s also water resistant to 50 meters despite its far techier inner workings.

Learn more at Tag Heuer – $1,650+

GET IT: $1,650+


MMT E-Strap

Any smartwatch-owning watch lover faces a dilemma that repeats itself on a near-daily basis: wear a classic timepiece or slap on a [comparatively dinky-looking] smartwatch? Fortunately, you soon won’t need to choose with the MMT E-Strap. The device’s brains are contained in a tiny buckle extension that’s nearly completely hidden by the strap itself, monitoring activity, sleep, delivering alerts and notifications, and doubling as a discreet vibrating smart alarm. Android and iOS apps provide an interface and the E-Strap’s battery lasts for a week per charge — far better than your tech-laden smartwatch — and it’s water resistant to 3ATM to boot. Several leather and finish options also match the straps to your favorite timepiece.

Available in April. Learn more at MMT – $TBA



Dot Braille Smartwatch

The long awaited Dot Braille Smartwatch is finally here — or just about. The sculpted aluminum watch looks sleek, but frankly its wearers probably won’t give that much thought. What’s more important are the four dynamic braille arrays, with dots that rise and fall at different speeds to allow the visually impaired to read quickly and discreetly anywhere. It’ll also output navigation directions, notifications from the user’s Bluetooth-linked smartphone, and contains both an accelerometer and a gyroscope for, possibly, more not-yet-announced features.

Preorder now at Dot – $290 [via]

GET IT: $290


Seiko Chariot Steve Jobs Watch

So Steve Jobs is not technically a part of its name, but it may as well be. You might recognize the Seiko Chariot from one of the most iconic photographs of Jobs’ leaning on the first Macintosh (click to second image), though the angle certainly doesn’t help. A limited edition run of the simple, minimal watch is being released, with the option of the original 33mm case size as well as a more modern 37.5mm case and the choice of white or black dials. An equally spartan black leather strap complements the quartz watch. Which begs the question: had he still been with us, would Jobs’ wear a Chariot or an Apple Watch? The release is limited to the Japanese market but there’s a good chance that more than a few will trickle out onto eBay and the like.

Learn more at Seiko (Japanese site) – roughly $200

GET IT: ~$180


MVMT Chrono Series Watches

MVMT Watches launched a few years back with the mission of selling stylish watches at a price point that guarantees you can buy two and still not miss rent. And MVMT’s Chrono Series watches are no exception. Boldly sized at 45mm, these eye-catching timepieces feature minimal, monochrome two-layer faces with time, date, and chronograph functionality. Wondering how to read the time on the unmarked latter? You’ll get used to it, but if not keep in mind your phone has one too. Straps include stainless steel or genuine leather and pair with various case and face colors a dizzying array of combinations, our favorites which include Gun Metal & Sandstone (shown), White with Caramel, and Black on Tan.

Learn more at MVMT Watches – $135+

GET IT: $135+


Grovemade Watch 02

Nearly all of Grovemade’s work features wood in one way or another. Naturally so does the Grovemade Watch 02 in the form of a concave CNC-milled dial, though it sits behind the timepiece’s lens and stainless steel case in black, raw silver, or plated gold, to make it as easy to care for as a watch made of more traditional materials. This face is available in either Eastern Hardrock Maple or Oregon Claro Walnut and hides the Japanese-built quartz Miyota 5Y26 movement beneath that tracks time accurately for several years on a button cell. Coupled to vegetable-tanned leather straps the Watch 02 is an attention-grabbing wrist piece in a unique, organic sort of way.

Learn more at Grovemade – $150+

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