Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet

It’ll hold just about as much as your overstuffed bifold, it’s just a hell of a lot thinner (and better looking). The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is made up of two carbon fiber plates held together by a rugged elastic strap. Up to twelve of your cards fit snugly in between, protected from RFID skimming, and either an elastic or a spring steel money clip holds quadruple-folded cash on the outside. On the off chance the elastic ever wears out or breaks it’s completely user replaceable — you’ll just need to undo a few screws with the included T5 Torx driver to swap it out.

Grab one at Ridge Wallet – $105 to $115

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Discommon Leather Card Wallet

It looks clean and simple, but that’s just because of the substantial amount of work that went into developing and crafting the Discommon Leather Card Wallet. It’s made by thermoformed wolf grey Italian calf leather coupled and laminated to orange microsuede, the latter which shines through inside the wallet, at its edges, and through small perforations throughout that give it a sports car seat sort of feel. The forming process ensures the leather won’t stretch or become imprinted with your credit card’s numbers and the wallet holds up to eight cards — four per side — or four cards plus some folded cash.

Grab one at Discommon – $130

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Grovemade Compact Bifold Wallet

The Grovemade Compact Bifold Wallet doesn’t have the word compact in its name for nothing. This slim wallet foregoes the flat storage of cash, instead requiring you to fold bills in half before inserting behind the card slots. As a result though it boasts a profile 30% smaller than traditional wallets by hugging the more closely hugging the contours of the cards stored inside. Each is also made from start to finish in Oregon of vegetable-tanned leather by Grovemade and Yonezawa Leather for the sewing, and can fit as many as eight standard cards and/or business cards plus cash. Available in tan (shown) and black.

Hit up Grovemade for details – $100

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Memory Foam Wallet

It’s no secret that sitting on your wallet isn’t good for you. But if you’re going to do so anyway you’re probably better off with a Memory Foam Wallet over a more traditional stiff leather one. As its name suggests the wallet features nice and soft memory foam on the outside that boosts comfort when sat on while compressing down to just about 1/8th of an inch thin. On the inside it’s got a standard 6 pockets layout for cards, holding up to 14 of them comfortably, and a large banknote compartment for your cash. It’s also washable, so throw it in the machine sans cards and cash if it ever needs a refresh.

Grab one at Amazon – $25

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Cardamon Wallet

It’s significantly thinner than leather, not to mention more durable. The Cardamon Wallet is a particularly solid option if you can’t stand Tyvek wallets despite thinness being a priority. Each one is made of a single sheet of aeronautical grade thermo-plastic urethane composite called MeridianShell that’s thermo-formed and welded into shape, foregoing the need for visible stitches. Despite it’s minimalistic design the Cardamon fits up to eight cards — four per side — as well as full-sized banknotes, making it front-pocket useable without compromising on your carry (or needing to fold bills four times like on smaller wallets). And it’s guaranteed to last forever, so if you somehow manage to wear it out just send it back to Cardamon for a replacement. Available in five colors — black, blue (shown), yellow, red, and brown.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $49

GET IT: $39


Wingback Phone Sleeve

Wingback makes wallets, passport sleeves, and card holders — everything you need for your pocket-bound everyday carry except something for your phone. Now they’ve ticked that one off their list as well with the Wingback Phone Sleeve, a low-profile iPhone 6/6S/7 holder made of full-grain vegetable tanned leather in four colors: charcoal black, chestnut brown, cognac, and whisky tan (shown). Each has an extra wing pocket as well that can store up to about four cards plus some cash so you can ditch your actual wallet most days, too. A small opening on the bottom also lets you plug earbuds to your headphone jack — if your phone has one, anyway.

Learn more at Wingback – $75

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Dango Wallet

Not your average cash carrier, the Dango Wallet melds genuine leather to a lightweight CNC machined aluminum chassis to decrease weight and boost durability — and its looks aren’t bad, either. This handmade wallet’s aluminum panel on either side block RFID skimming while a silicone band holds them together, also strapping down over a fair bit of cash. The Dango comes in two flavors — Dapper and Tactical — that are both equipped with a bottle opener, though the latter includes a nesting 14-function multitool packed with tools such as a serrated saw edge, knife, can opener, a few hex wrenches and screwdrivers, plus several attachment points and a grip handle that let you use it to hack or saw while it’s still nested in your wallet for better grip. Available in four color combinations of both leather and aluminum.

Find it at Kickstarter – $40+

GET IT: $40+


Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection

Bellroy already makes nice wallets by any measure, but the Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection is on a whole other level. The upcoming collection brings on five new colors including Ocean Blue (shown), Plum, and Midnight, reimagining five existing wallets with these full grain leathers as well as decking them out with inner nubuck lining, handpainted edges, and silver foil emboss for the brands’ logos. Their designs are also streamlined from the standard Bellroy offering, attaining a greater level of minimalism that’s all the more timeless.

Available soon. Hit up Bellroy for more – $100 to $240


Bellroy All-Conditions Collection

Heading outdoors with a chance for thunderstorms later in the day often has us clutching a few small Ziploc bags to protect our water-sensitive valuables. With Bellroy’s All-Conditions Collection you can skip the bags since each piece is weatherproof on its own. The collection starts with a compact wallet that fits up to twelve cards plus some cash and coins across its three inner compartments, and a larger Essentials Pocket that holds the same amount of cards and cash alongside a smartphone up to the size of an iPhone 6s Plus, a passport, a micro travel pen, a charge cable or two, and other small accessories. There’s also the Phone pocket which is smaller and sleeker than the latter and fits an iPhone 6s-sized device along with up to eight cards and a few banknotes. All are soft on your gear thanks to inner microfibre lining and are made of water-resistant leather or woven materials, zipping shut thanks to equally weatherproof YKK zippers.

Learn more all Bellroy – $65 to $140


ParaWallets Paracord Wallet

Fingers crossed it won’t ever come to this. But if necessary, a ParaWallets Paracord Wallet can come apart and retake the form of its building material, namely about 50 feet of rugged 550lb 7-strand parachute cord that can be used to fish, tie up a shelter, repair clothing, and more. When not deconstructed, though, the bifold has two slots for stacking cards and a large compartment for banknotes and the like. In its center it’s also fitted with a ferrocerium fire starter rod alongside tinder inside the tag and a steel emblem for striking and getting a fire going. Available in a wide range of color options from subtle to ridiculously bold.

Grab one at Etsy or Amazon – $40 [via]


Balanst Wallet

The Balanst Wallet more closely resembles a phone or a sleek backup battery than a cash carrier, but we’re not complaining. Swipe it open with one hand to instantly reveal the six cards within which automatically lift out of the back compartment for picking and choosing the one you need. The front compartment fits miscellaneous other stuff like a couple of folded banknotes, coins, and a key or memory card, and everything inside is RFID protected thanks to the anodized aluminum enclosure. Available in both grey and black.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – $80


Bellroy Note Sleeve 2.0

It comes in three new colors. But those aren’t the only changes seen in Bellroy’s Note Sleeve 2.0. Its coin pocket and card slots have been rebalanced to let the wallet fold flat even when it’s filled to the brim with cards and cash. Flip it open and your three most used cards are revealed, with another in the banknote compartment. Jam the rest of your cards in the large compartment on the left side; revealing them takes just a quick tug of its pull tab. It’ll hold up to 11 cards comfortably and can even hide a few business cards instead of coins in the coin compartment, protected by a leather flap to keep coming out clean and crisp.

Learn more at Bellroy – $90


Trayvax Element Wallet

Since the advent of the modern wallet in 1687, countless designs and materials have been explored. The Trayvax Element could be considered the “new modern” wallet. 100% Handcrafted in the USA of top grain leather, mil-spec paracord, and stainless steel, it combines the ruggedness and durability of the most robust wallet you’ve ever owned with form that may even exceed function. Available in Canyon Red, Tobacco Brown and Mississippi Mud, you’ll want to buy the next round so you can show off your cash carrier. Fits up to ten cards and five banknotes.

Learn more at Trayvax – $80+