Gentleman’s Box

Gathering up and hand selecting a dresser full of personalized accessories takes a lifetime and costs a small fortune. Thing is we can’t wait that long, and would rather put more money towards experiences. Gentleman’s Box both cuts down the work involved as well as the bill. This monthly subscription box delivers about five or six carefully curated, hand-picked items every month straight to your door and costs a small fraction of the combined retail price of its contents, which usually run over $100. Typically, a tie comes in each one, as well as an audacious pair of socks, two miscellaneous accessories (think lapel pins, sunglasses, cuff links, pocket squares, and the like), a grooming sample, and this month’s copy of GQ magazine — the latter because keeping up with the latest trends also implies a bit of conscious effort on your part.

Learn more or subscribe at Gentleman’s Box – $25/month

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star With Nike FlyKnit

The Chuck Taylor has seen a lot of variations of its form of late. Here’s yet another, and one particularly suited to prolonged wear: the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star With Nike FlyKnit. Nike’s trickle-down tech adorns this sneaker with a FlyKnit upper that’s lightweight, breathable, and snug fitting, not unlike a sock, with more stretch and flexibility than the traditional canvas. It pairs this to a Lunarlon insole to add cushioning and a bit more give to the vulcanized rubber sole. Otherwise the high top features the same silhouette and unmistakable patch, and comes in six colors that span the spectrum.

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Mahabis Classic Slippers

Designed in London and crafted of premium materials, mahabis’ Classic Slippers are worlds apart from the bedroom slippers you know — in fact, they’re not even limited to indoor wear, which is practical since you’ll never want to take them off. The pair couples a breathable felt outer with both a warm, cozy wool lining and a collapsible neoprene heel that you can either comfortably step on (like a mule) or wear around the heel (like a house shoe). Each pair also comes with a sneaker-like detachable outer sole that flicks on in seconds for wandering outside. The classics are available in either light or dark grey with one of seven sole colors.

Grab a pair at mahabis – $98+

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Ressence x Hodinkee Type 1H

Unique and stunning as with all Ressence timepieces, the Ressence x Hodinkee Type 1H uses the watchmaker’s unusual orbital display instead of hands to display the time but is also, for the first time, skeletonized, letting you peer into the inner workings of the highly complex mechanisms within. The nested dial discs beneath its domed sapphire crystal lens are all made of sandblasted silver and boast milled markings and numerals filled with dark grey SuperLuminova for a brilliant bright green shine in the dark. Hodinkee’s contributions also went further: it’s also smaller and more compact than Ressence’s other pieces, with a diameter of 41.5mm and a thickness of 12mm, and is their first to be set in a stainless steel case. Sadly limited to 20 pieces and all are already accounted for, but if you want one join their waitlist and pray.

Find it at Hodinkee’s Shop – $22,500

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1978 New Balance

Based on the classic 990 that made its debut in 1978, the 1978 New Balance puts a modern, minimal spin on the major design elements it dredges up from the past. The USA-made sneaker pairs a pig suede upper to a tapered Vibram outsole that’s both durable and grippy across a range of surfaces. Available colorways include navy suede with tan, burgundy with dark grey, and black with grey (shown), each with a white outsole.

Find it at New Balance – $150

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Dietrich OT Watch

With a distinctive design that’s inspired by nature rather than by man’s own creations, Dietrich’s OT Watch line — which stands for Organic Time — is bold, intricate, and maybe a tad divisive. Each features luminescent hands shaped like leaves, a spinning star which represents seconds, a 24-hour time disk, and a sapphire crystal lens etched on the underside with hour and minute markings capping a steel case. A modified Miyota 82S7 automatic movement powers the timepiece, visible as it ticks away through the large cutout in the center of its layered dial. Despite a 46mm width and a not-insignificant overall heft it’s extremely comfortable thanks to its flowing organic curves as well as the pass-through strap that slips through the lugs on either end. It comes in a variety of case and dial color combinations, not to mention higher-end models with forged carbon bezels.

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Presented by Dietrich.

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Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker

Its radical looks may evoke far-off concepts that never come to fruition, but the Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker will actually be available for sale in just a few days later this month. The shoe combines a foot-hugging UA SpeedForm upper with a compression lace system with 1/4 zipper and a stunning 3D printed midsole in the form of a dynamic lattice network that’d be pretty much impossible to produce in any other way. Oh, and the latter isn’t just for looks since it actually offers solid cushioning and support.

Learn more at Under Amour – $300

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Ace Marks Handcrafted Italian Dress Shoes

Splurging on a pair of quality handcrafted Italian dress shoes is typically a wise investment for reasons beyond aesthetic: comfort and longevity come to mind. And further reducing the investment side of the equation only makes for a sweeter deal. Each pair of Ace Marks dress shoes are expertly made in Italy by fourth-generation craftsmen — the same people producing other, store-bought luxury brand shoes that retail north of $600 — for a third of what you’d pay, so you can pocket the difference or grab multiple pairs for different occasions. Their sharp-looking wares come in a dizzying array of styles and colorways for settings ranging from the boardroom to business casual gatherings and include the Cap Toe Blucher Stuart (shown), the Wingtip Oxford Luxe (second image), the Full Brogue Kendrik (third image), a chukka boot, and several types of Loafers. And if you wear through your pair or figuratively outgrow it, send it back to Ace Marks and they’ll repurpose and donate it to Career Gear to help men reentering the workplace, with a $60 credit on your next pair for your trouble.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $190+

Presented by Ace Marks.

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Betabrand Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants

Read their name and you instantly know that Betabrand’s genius Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants solve a serious problem inherent in most sweatpants: their pockets, which dump out most or all of their contents the second you sit down. Betabrand’s sweats instead boast reverse-entry front pockets that are easier to access, more secure against pickpockets, and also won’t spill your wallet, keys, and spare change on the floor whilst sitting. A welt pocket in the back also holds your wallet, if you’re one of those. And like any good sweatpants they’re made of a cozy cotton terra and feature an elastic waistband to keep them up.

Find it at Betabrand – $80 [via]

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Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M

Many dive watches are worn for style. Contrarily, the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M is best reserved for actual diving. Rated, as its name suggests, to extreme depths, it’s the first to also come equipped with Citizen’s integrated solar panel dial that keeps the watch’s batteries charged up just by exposure to light — something that’s notably absent in the deep sea, but several years of reserve power more than make up for it. The Super Titanium watch of course is also both very thick and wide like similarly-rated divers, which is necessary to withstand exceptional pressures, and boasts a helium escape valve plus a locking bezel.

Available this summer. Until then, read more at worn&wound – $2,300



HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch

A minimalist version of their boastfully complex H1 timepiece, the HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch hides the vast majority of its inner workings behind a curved dial, spinning two hands (for seconds and minutes) and pushing a semi-transparent, colored fluid around a glass tube bordering its face to boldly display hours. Though two openings lower down on the dial do give a modest glimpse into the bellows beneath, part of its manually-wound HYT calibre movement that’s ticking away with a power reserve of 65 hours. Otherwise the H0 sports sapphire crystal lenses on both front and back, precise micro-blasted hand and minute dials with Super-LumiNova coatings on time indicators, and a water resistance of 30 meters — all features we’d hope to expect from a timepiece that costs as much as a couple of cars.

Read more at HYT – roughly $57,000 [via]

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Shopping for stylish accessories is inevitably time consuming, not to mention brutal on your wallet. NYC-based SprezzaBox streamlines the process by sparing you the need to hunt down dapper goods yourself, instead sending a box of six products to your doorstep every month at a hefty discount compared to what you’d pay at retail. Boxes come packed with over $100 worth of loot that’s carefully curated by a personal stylist and typically include a tie and a pair of socks plus other critical accessories that span watches to sunglasses to tie clips, just to name a few. And to further the spirit of saving money, shipping’s also free across the USA.

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Bolt Threads Spider Silk Tie

Long have been touted the remarkable properties of spider silk. Too bad any actual practical applications of the material have so far been lacking. Bolt Threads’ Spider Silk Tie is amongst the first products to be made of the stuff, albeit not silk harvested from actual spiders but rather produced by genetically modified microorganisms that churn out the stuff at a far greater rate. Their byproduct, tiny spider silk proteins, are then spun into long fibres that are in turn woven into extremely soft yet lightweight and durable ties. Importantly, their production is also sustainable and environmentally conscious, and the material makes a good fit for replacing synthetic petroleum-based polymers. Their first run consists of 49 units, the fiftieth having already been shipped off to Stan Lee, but you can enter for a chance to own one on their site until noon (EST) today.

Learn more at Bolt Threads – $314

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