Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker

Its radical looks may evoke far-off concepts that never come to fruition, but the Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker will actually be available for sale in just a few days later this month. The shoe combines a foot-hugging UA SpeedForm upper with a compression lace system with 1/4 zipper and a stunning 3D printed midsole in the form of a dynamic lattice network that’d be pretty much impossible to produce in any other way. Oh, and the latter isn’t just for looks since it actually offers solid cushioning and support.

Learn more at Under Amour – $300

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Ace Marks Handcrafted Italian Dress Shoes

Splurging on a pair of quality handcrafted Italian dress shoes is typically a wise investment for reasons beyond aesthetic: comfort and longevity come to mind. And further reducing the investment side of the equation only makes for a sweeter deal. Each pair of Ace Marks dress shoes are expertly made in Italy by fourth-generation craftsmen — the same people producing other, store-bought luxury brand shoes that retail north of $600 — for a third of what you’d pay, so you can pocket the difference or grab multiple pairs for different occasions. Their sharp-looking wares come in a dizzying array of styles and colorways for settings ranging from the boardroom to business casual gatherings and include the Cap Toe Blucher Stuart (shown), the Wingtip Oxford Luxe (second image), the Full Brogue Kendrik (third image), a chukka boot, and several types of Loafers. And if you wear through your pair or figuratively outgrow it, send it back to Ace Marks and they’ll repurpose and donate it to Career Gear to help men reentering the workplace, with a $60 credit on your next pair for your trouble.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $190+

Presented by Ace Marks.

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Betabrand Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants

Read their name and you instantly know that Betabrand’s genius Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants solve a serious problem inherent in most sweatpants: their pockets, which dump out most or all of their contents the second you sit down. Betabrand’s sweats instead boast reverse-entry front pockets that are easier to access, more secure against pickpockets, and also won’t spill your wallet, keys, and spare change on the floor whilst sitting. A welt pocket in the back also holds your wallet, if you’re one of those. And like any good sweatpants they’re made of a cozy cotton terra and feature an elastic waistband to keep them up.

Find it at Betabrand – $80 [via]

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Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M

Many dive watches are worn for style. Contrarily, the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M is best reserved for actual diving. Rated, as its name suggests, to extreme depths, it’s the first to also come equipped with Citizen’s integrated solar panel dial that keeps the watch’s batteries charged up just by exposure to light — something that’s notably absent in the deep sea, but several years of reserve power more than make up for it. The Super Titanium watch of course is also both very thick and wide like similarly-rated divers, which is necessary to withstand exceptional pressures, and boasts a helium escape valve plus a locking bezel.

Available this summer. Until then, read more at worn&wound – $2,300



HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch

A minimalist version of their boastfully complex H1 timepiece, the HYT H0 Hydromechanical Watch hides the vast majority of its inner workings behind a curved dial, spinning two hands (for seconds and minutes) and pushing a semi-transparent, colored fluid around a glass tube bordering its face to boldly display hours. Though two openings lower down on the dial do give a modest glimpse into the bellows beneath, part of its manually-wound HYT calibre movement that’s ticking away with a power reserve of 65 hours. Otherwise the H0 sports sapphire crystal lenses on both front and back, precise micro-blasted hand and minute dials with Super-LumiNova coatings on time indicators, and a water resistance of 30 meters — all features we’d hope to expect from a timepiece that costs as much as a couple of cars.

Read more at HYT – roughly $57,000 [via]

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Shopping for stylish accessories is inevitably time consuming, not to mention brutal on your wallet. NYC-based SprezzaBox streamlines the process by sparing you the need to hunt down dapper goods yourself, instead sending a box of six products to your doorstep every month at a hefty discount compared to what you’d pay at retail. Boxes come packed with over $100 worth of loot that’s carefully curated by a personal stylist and typically include a tie and a pair of socks plus other critical accessories that span watches to sunglasses to tie clips, just to name a few. And to further the spirit of saving money, shipping’s also free across the USA.

Learn more at SprezzaBox – $28/month

Presented by Sprezzabox.

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Bolt Threads Spider Silk Tie

Long have been touted the remarkable properties of spider silk. Too bad any actual practical applications of the material have so far been lacking. Bolt Threads’ Spider Silk Tie is amongst the first products to be made of the stuff, albeit not silk harvested from actual spiders but rather produced by genetically modified microorganisms that churn out the stuff at a far greater rate. Their byproduct, tiny spider silk proteins, are then spun into long fibres that are in turn woven into extremely soft yet lightweight and durable ties. Importantly, their production is also sustainable and environmentally conscious, and the material makes a good fit for replacing synthetic petroleum-based polymers. Their first run consists of 49 units, the fiftieth having already been shipped off to Stan Lee, but you can enter for a chance to own one on their site until noon (EST) today.

Learn more at Bolt Threads – $314

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Batch Utility Shirt

Combining all the functionality and masculinity of a work shirt with the fit, fabric, and looks of a dressier piece, Batch’s Utility Shirt is a cut above your average shirt of the same moniker. Appropriately, all seams are reinforced and it’s fitted with two dimensional chest pockets for a rugged aesthetic that’s in part disarmed by the premium super soft mercerized cotton. It’s also got a smart button down collar and a slim but comfortable fit that tapers down from the chest to avoid constricting or limiting movement — so it’s as perfect a wear for the workplace as it is for grabbing a drink or three afterwards. Available in a variety of rich colors that’ll work from now through to the warmer months.

Find it at Batch – $82+

Presented by Batch.

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Threadsmiths Hydrophobic Shirts

Sometimes an idea is sparked by the errant flap of a curtain, watching a squirrel eat a nut, or observing how a lotus leaf sheds water. In the case of Threadsmiths inspiration struck from the latter. Their obsession with creating the perfect t-shirt began in 2014 and has since expanded to pioneer a new era of essential everyday apparel including tees, polos, and dress shirts. Each was designed from the ground up using an advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology application, making their fabrics water-resistant and stain-repellent: dirt and water simply run off the surface like water off a waxy lotus leaf. This means clothing that lasts longer, resists odor, and though not 100% waterproof or stain-proof, stays much dryer and cleaner than regular cotton. And also means these are the shirts to wear whether you’re getting sloppy at the bar or quickly and messily scarfing down ramen at the office, one way or another entailing less work (read: washing) for you.

Hit up Threadsmiths for details – $50 (tees), $60 (polos), and $90 (shirts)

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Seiko Chariot Steve Jobs Watch

So Steve Jobs is not technically a part of its name, but it may as well be. You might recognize the Seiko Chariot from one of the most iconic photographs of Jobs’ leaning on the first Macintosh (click to second image), though the angle certainly doesn’t help. A limited edition run of the simple, minimal watch is being released, with the option of the original 33mm case size as well as a more modern 37.5mm case and the choice of white or black dials. An equally spartan black leather strap complements the quartz watch. Which begs the question: had he still been with us, would Jobs’ wear a Chariot or an Apple Watch? The release is limited to the Japanese market but there’s a good chance that more than a few will trickle out onto eBay and the like.

Learn more at Seiko (Japanese site) – roughly $200

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lux

Distinctly a Chuck Taylor but also a couple of notches more upmarket than the classic white and black sneaker, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lux comes in monochromatic all-white or all-black colorways. Instead of canvas it’s made of supple, molded leather and instead of heavy rubber there’s a lightweight Phylon outsole (think running shoes), boosting comfort while also helping these kicks better blend. The latter which is either a good or bad thing depending on who you’re asking. Still, they’re relatively affordable considering the upgrades and boast the same All Star patch as the classic high top pair, albeit embossed in the leather.

Learn more at Nike – $140

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MVMT Chrono Series Watches

MVMT Watches launched a few years back with the mission of selling stylish watches at a price point that guarantees you can buy two and still not miss rent. And MVMT’s Chrono Series watches are no exception. Boldly sized at 45mm, these eye-catching timepieces feature minimal, monochrome two-layer faces with time, date, and chronograph functionality. Wondering how to read the time on the unmarked latter? You’ll get used to it, but if not keep in mind your phone has one too. Straps include stainless steel or genuine leather and pair with various case and face colors a dizzying array of combinations, our favorites which include Gun Metal & Sandstone (shown), White with Caramel, and Black on Tan.

Learn more at MVMT Watches – $135+

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Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Their fusion of a running shoe-derived outsole and a leather upper gave Cole Haan one of the comfiest dress shoes around. Their Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford kicks it up another couple of notches with a new single-piece of stretch knit material that’s lighter, more breathable, and offers better lateral stability. The shoe’s flex outsole mimics the natural motion of the foot just as well and rubber pods at the forefoot and heel increase traction whether you’re walking across sleek office floors or running a few blocks to catch a bus. Available in Marine Blue (shown), Black, Burnt Orange, Ironstone (grey), and White, all paired with an Ivory-colored outsole.

Check out the full lineup at Cole Haan – $180

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