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Sports & Outdoors

Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder features Bushnell’s Slope technology that compensates for incline or decline in telling you how far you need to hit. Thing is, that’s not USGA tournament legal, so this golf laser rangefinder can also switch this function off with a simple toggle, then turn it back on for a casual round or for refining your skills during practice. The device comes wrapped in an IPX7 waterproof, ruggedized enclosure and otherwise boasts dual displays to show the interface in either red or black, PinSeeker technology that locks into the flag and confirms it with a quick tactile vibration, plus 6X magnification.

Preorder at Amazon – $500

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PG Bugatti Bike

Its name seems unassuming, unless you know who Bugatti is — and you do. The PG Bugatti Bike is a collaboration between the maker of the world’s fastest production car and German high-end bike manufacturer PG. It lays the carbon fiber down heavy since precisely 95% of it is made of the stuff, which shows through its paint job regardless of color — and there are several, including blue, black, and even color combinations such as blue and black to match the Chiron. Notably, it’s the lightest special urban bike in the world at a paltry 5kg (11 pounds). It’s also equipped with a vertical shock absorption bar in the handlebars to improve comfort and is aero optimized throughout for high-speed riding, though we’re not convinced its owners plan to do much of that with it. Only 667 will be built, so act fast if your Veyron or Chiron need a two-wheeled companion.

Find it at PG – $39,000

GET IT: $39,000

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Bajaboard G4

As temperatures rise, electric skateboards will flood the streets. But if concrete and asphalt isn’t your idea of a perfect playground, a Bajaboard G4 might be more your speed. The G4 is Bajaboard’s beefed-up take on what an off-road electric skateboard should be, with independent double-wishbone suspension, two electric motors — one in front, one in back — for four-wheel drive, big pneumatic tires, and an aircraft-grade aluminum backbone reinforcing the maple deck. A remote control handles acceleration and braking, and since brakes are evenly distributed front and back it’s got quite a bit of stopping power. What this all gets you is a board capable of a frighteningly fast top speed of 31 mph (albeit that can be limited to something much slower, if you don’t trust yourself) and that can drift and shred through tall grass bushlands, sand, paddocks, and more, rolling over tennis ball-sized rocks and branches with ease.

Get one at Bajaboard – $3,300+

GET IT: $3,300+

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Skycamp Rooftop Tent

The Skycamp Rooftop Tent is synonymous to a treehouse, or at least one that’s strapped to the roof of your car instead of a tree, making it mobile. And collapsible. Skycamp is completely self contained inside an aerodynamic hardshell box that easily attaches to your roof rack like a bin. When you’re stopped and ready to rest, popping open the box, pulling out the ladder (and extensible floor) and propping up the shade actually takes less than a minute, a far cry from the time and effort it takes to pitch a traditional tent. Packing it up is also just as quick so you can get back on the road faster. Included King-sized bedding fits up to 4 adults plus two children to a total of 900 pounds, and optional accessories — including an awning and annex room — increase living space even further.

Find it at Kickstarter – $2,050

GET IT: $2,050

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Kelty Linger Side Table

Pairing nicely with Kelty’s similarly named high back chairs, the Kelty Linger Side Table spruces up your camping experience, namely by eliminating the need to place your beer, meal, or playing cards on the floor or on your lap. Its collapsible anodized aluminum frame disassembles — or rather, folds down, since most of its poles are already attached together with articulating joints — and fits into a 4 by 6 inch stuff sack along with its roll-out 600D polyester table surface, weighing in at a lightweight 2.3 pounds. Despite this it’s overbuilt, with a weight capacity of 150 pounds — not that you’re likely to really going to get anywhere close to this limit without sitting on the thing.

Find it at Amazon – $90 [via]

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The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Bike

Anyone who’s ever sat in front of a TV will likely instantly recognize the minimal but genius paint job on The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Bike, aided visually by both the use of appropriate colors and proportions of the long running show’s four main characters. Not that you need the help, but that’s Bart up top, Lisa on the seat stays, Homer on the seat tube, and Marge on the down tube. It’s also just a solid bike, too, with a 4130 grade Chromoly steel frame with double-butted tubing, a Flip-Flop hub to switch between single speed and fixed, a synthetic leather saddle, and your choice of four handlebar styles. State is also making less subtle Simpsons-styled accessories that include a donut-themed backpack and an Otto Man jersey.

Find it at State Bicycle Co. – $500

GET IT: $500

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Set For Set Steel Mace

At first glance, the Set for Set Steel Mace somewhat resembles the Fitness Sledgehammer. But better not hit anything with it lest you cause serious property damage. Loosely inspired by the weapon of the same moniker, this mace is big, heavy, and forged from hand-sculpted cast-iron, with a knurled handle for grip and a welded-on head that concentrates most of its weight. This uneven weight distribution puts added strain on your stabilizer muscles for hitting your core harder during movements like the barbarian squat, gravedigger, and 360 swing. Available in both 15 and 20 pound versions.

Find it at Set for Set – $50

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Inferno Cocoon Hammock

Can’t fathom how a simple hammock could keep you warm and toasty in colder months? One look at Sierra Madre Research’s Inferno Cocoon Hammock should be answer enough. The system is made up of two parts appropriately named Top and Under which go on top and under your body, respectively, with which to outfit your preferred normal hammock. The Top resembles a mummy bag with a zipper-free backless design to get in and out quickly and boasts both a footnest and several cinches to get the bag snug and contoured. On the other hand the Under looks a bit like a hammock itself but seals around one for full backside insulation, with the added advantage of leaving much of its insulation uncompressed (and hanging underneath the hammock) to leave its heat-isolating properties uncompromised. Combine both for serious weather resistance and equally serious insulation: its RDS 800 Fill Power DownTek Down handles temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, though a lighter, spring and fall version is rated to 30 degrees F as well if you don’t see yourself braving winter in a hammock.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300

GET IT: $300

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Skull Fire Logs

Grisly is an understatement when it comes to these Skull Fire Logs, unless of course it’s Halloween. Each one is shaped like a human skull but is made of steel-reinforced heat-refractory ceramic — the same kind, more or less, that NASA uses to stave off heat damage from rocket engines. What this means is that they’re safe for use in either natural gas or wood fires alongside real logs to set the mood just right. Available in white, brown, or black, but the latter is the obvious choice considering it already looks charred.

Grab a one ($65) or three pack ($190) at Amazon.

get it: $65

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Eva All-Foam Snowshoes

We’ve seen some unique snowshoes — these (1, 2) come to mind. Crescent Moon’s Eva All-Foam Snowshoes are again quite different. Built on a one-size-fits-all ethyelyene-vinyl-acetate (hence the name) frame, these snowshoes strap onto your existing shots or boots and provide a feel that’s closer to a big running shoe than a traditional snowshoe in that they’re extremely light, shaped like a rocker, thus eliminating the rotational hinge on most other snowshoe models, and boast treads underneath (also made of EVA) for traction like a tire. The resulting pair just begs to be strapped on and tried out in deep snow, even by novices to the whole snowshoeing game.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $160

GET IT: $160

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Mountainsmith Slingback Chair

It won’t get you very high off the ground: in fact, this recliner uses your body weight to stay put and keep its back upright in a real relaxed position. Its main selling point though is its size, since the Mountainsmith Slingback Chair rolls up tiny and weighs just 4.75 ounces, relying on your telescopic trekking poles for structure. Two sturdy evenly-sized sticks might even do in a pinch.

Find it at Amazon – $21

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In/Out Tennis Line Call Device

Like a ref that takes subjectivity out of shot calling, the In/Out Tennis Line Call Device is likely to save a few friendships of ultra-competitive but casual tennis players. It takes about a minute to install the GoPro-sized device to a net post before it starts calling the shots, auto-calibrating to the court in question and analyzing every ball with 99% accuracy. The impact of each ball with the ground is recorded and analyzed by the device in real time to be later viewed on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and closer calls can be re-examined as it records them in HD. And since it lights up green or red at every shot that’s in or out, respectively, with a sound to signal those out of bounds, it eliminates a lot of ambiguity and assumptions from the game.

Find it at In/Out – $200

GET IT: $200


Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite

The human body is capable of some amazing things. But a two-hour marathon is essentially off the table, unless you’ve got a pair of Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite strapped on your feet (and a hell of a lot of training behind you). They’re particularly lightweight at just 7 ounces and boast a thick foam sole that, unlike low profile runners, cushions and also returns some of the energy on impact, in part aided by a unidirectional carbon fiber plate within. All this helps make the runner about 4% faster, a crucial step towards finally breaking that two-hour mark. While pricing isn’t yet announced, the same technologies will permeate Nike’s consumer Vaporfly versions as well including the Vaporfly 4% so everyone ready to drop a couple of hundred bucks for a speed boost can benefit.

Read more at Nike – $TBA