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Bridgestone Air Free Bicycle Tire

Airless tires for cars are a long time coming. But riders of another vehicle are sure to happily wave goodbye to flats: the bicycle. Bridgestone’s Air Free Bicycle Tire employs a thermoplastic resin to form the tire’s spokes that flex and bend to smooth out your ride, doing the job of air in traditional pneumatic tires without the risk of leaking out or going flat in the event of a puncture so that you can ditch the pump, spare tube, and tire levers. They also promise to be more efficient for riding as well, perhaps attaining higher speeds with less energy input, but we’ll retain judgement on that until they actually hit the market sometime in 2019.

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The choice of putting a surfboard up top is more a matter of convention than necessity, since it won’t actually touch the water for more than a few seconds: once the Jetfoiler’s up to speed, that surfboard will be several feet above water. Following up on their Airfoiler motorized trimaran concept, the Jetfoiler e-foil puts an electric motor and hydrofoil wing under water to lift the board above the surface of the water and reduce drag. It’s evidently not depend on wind or waves so anyone can surf on one, and its low profile design cuts through water effortlessly. No word on availability just yet, though, so sign up to their newsletter to keep updated.

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Misfit Flare Fitness Tracker

Activity trackers often come with a myriad of extra features that you invariable pay for whether you need them or not. Not the Misfit Flare Fitness Tracker. This slim, spartan device does what it promises and not much more, keeping tabs on your steps taken, your sleep, calories burned, and even tracks specific activities like swimming, soccer, and yoga. It’s without a display but features a single LED beneath a capacitive crystal face that you can touch to play music while you work out, skip through presentation slides, and that can also be used as a remote shutter for snapping group photos. The rest — like consulting gathered activity data and such — is done using an app that syncs your phone to the device using Bluetooth 4.1. There aren’t even batteries to charge regularly since a single replaceable coin cell battery powers the compact Flare for about four months.

Learn more at Misfit – $60

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Para-Claw Survival Bracelet

Paracord-equipped survival bracelets are nothing new. But one that hides a 1.5-inch hawkbill blade made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in its clasp? The Para-Claw Survival Bracelet secures this blade in a glass reinforced nylon guard and deploys quickly using just a single hand — because that’s all you’ll have to work with considering the bracelet will be strapped to the other. For grip the blade boasts a groove underneath and jimping up top alongside the short nylon handle and blade on which to rest your thumb, and the woven 550 paracord making up the bracelet — which can also be unweaved in a pinch — also works double duty to solidify your hold.

Find it at Outdoor Edge – $30 [via]

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Outlier Supermarine Rollie

Impermeable plastic makes a dry bag water resistant. But that wasn’t enough for Outlier. The Outlier Supermarine Rollie is made of water resistant Supermarine Cotton that’s also somewhat breathable, letting its soiled or wet contents dry out slowly so they won’t stay humid and get all gross and moldy, even if they spend a lot of time in the bag. Its fabric is notable in that it’s lighter, more flexible, harder wearing, and windproof — perfect for outerwear as well. The NYC-made 10-litre bag also features a cast aluminum buckle and Portofino binding tape as part of its roll-top, so it’s bound to basically last forever.

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BioLite SolarPanel 10+

Solar panels are thin, portable, and best of all environmentally friendly. Problem is they don’t really charge your gadgets very quickly. BioLite solves this with their SolarPanel 10+, which doubles the number of solar panels while maintaining a razor-thin folding design that’s easy to pack. In proper sunlight it’ll generate up to 10W of power, enough to charge a GoPro in as little as half an hour or a smartphone in about one hour. It’s also quick to top up a built-in 3,000mAh battery that can then charge up your devices whether it’s sunny or not. Rounding out its list of features are corner latches with which to attach it to your backpack (and to charge while walking) along with an integrated sundial that helps optimize its position to optimally capture maximum energy.

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Perhaps we’re getting old, but lip balms have become a mainstay component of our everyday carries. Regardless, we can’t help but feel a little self conscious when we’re using anything that comes from a lipstick-shaped tube, and so Hudsalve is the perfect stand-in. Good enough for Swedish military use, Hudsalve is dependable skin protection in a rugged-looking drab green tube that works just as well on lips as it does on the rest of your face, or on hands, elbows, feet, and whatever else needs shielding from dry, frigid winds. Hell, some even use it to condition boots, oil bike chains, or to grease pans, the latter which sounds all the more reasonable after mulling over its peanut oil and beeswax-rich ingredient list.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $8

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Douchebags The Tour Bike Bag

They started by making ski bags. Over the last few years Douchebags has expanded to making excellent bags for transporting other unwieldy sporting goods — like the Tour Bike Bag for most kinds of bikes. While compressible for storage, the Tour features a raised back that fits a bike with its seat on, EVA pods to fit snugly around its handlebars without requiring you to remove or loosen and twist them, an aluminum stand on the base that adds structure and supports the bike at its fork, plus plenty of pockets to contain the wheels, tools, and pedals. Otherwise a rib protection system protects your bicycle from the presumed roughing-up it’ll suffer at the hands of baggage handlers, and shock-absorbent wheels to drag it around in between.

Find it at Douchebags – $1,000

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Pirelli x Blossom Skis

Rubber in skis may seem nonsensical, but Pirelli’s contribution to the Pirelli x Blossom Skis fortunately isn’t actually exposed on their underside’s surface. Instead, these skis, made in collaboration with performance ski manufacturer Blossom, feature a layer of Pirelli vulcanized rubber — albeit not the same used in their tires — sandwiched between several other layers of material that include fibreglass and wood to dampen vibrations by up to 60% to enhance both comfort and control. They’re available in a limited fashion in 7 colorways, each pairing Pirelli’s stretched P logo in colors inspired by their racing tire color coding system with a matte all-black finish.

Learn more at Pirelli – roughly $1,500

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REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Lighter than a tent and much better shielded against insects and bad weather than an ordinary hammock, the REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock is a camping minimalist’s dream. The hammock sets up with shock corded poles and a guyline at each corner that, together, keep it structured and open wide so it won’t curl on you like a typical hammock, along with a removable 15-denier ripstop nylon rainfly that’s quick to deploy when you need it to keep out rain. It’s also reversible, with a bug-blocking mesh on one side and nothing on the other, so if bugs aren’t an issue just flip it over and sleep on the open-aired side. Plus the whole kit weighs just 3 lbs 2 oz so it’ll be barely noticeable alongside everything else you’re packing.

Find it at REI – $220

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Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder features Bushnell’s Slope technology that compensates for incline or decline in telling you how far you need to hit. Thing is, that’s not USGA tournament legal, so this golf laser rangefinder can also switch this function off with a simple toggle, then turn it back on for a casual round or for refining your skills during practice. The device comes wrapped in an IPX7 waterproof, ruggedized enclosure and otherwise boasts dual displays to show the interface in either red or black, PinSeeker technology that locks into the flag and confirms it with a quick tactile vibration, plus 6X magnification.

Preorder at Amazon – $500

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PG Bugatti Bike

Its name seems unassuming, unless you know who Bugatti is — and you do. The PG Bugatti Bike is a collaboration between the maker of the world’s fastest production car and German high-end bike manufacturer PG. It lays the carbon fiber down heavy since precisely 95% of it is made of the stuff, which shows through its paint job regardless of color — and there are several, including blue, black, and even color combinations such as blue and black to match the Chiron. Notably, it’s the lightest special urban bike in the world at a paltry 5kg (11 pounds). It’s also equipped with a vertical shock absorption bar in the handlebars to improve comfort and is aero optimized throughout for high-speed riding, though we’re not convinced its owners plan to do much of that with it. Only 667 will be built, so act fast if your Veyron or Chiron need a two-wheeled companion.

Find it at PG – $39,000

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Bajaboard G4

As temperatures rise, electric skateboards will flood the streets. But if concrete and asphalt isn’t your idea of a perfect playground, a Bajaboard G4 might be more your speed. The G4 is Bajaboard’s beefed-up take on what an off-road electric skateboard should be, with independent double-wishbone suspension, two electric motors — one in front, one in back — for four-wheel drive, big pneumatic tires, and an aircraft-grade aluminum backbone reinforcing the maple deck. A remote control handles acceleration and braking, and since brakes are evenly distributed front and back it’s got quite a bit of stopping power. What this all gets you is a board capable of a frighteningly fast top speed of 31 mph (albeit that can be limited to something much slower, if you don’t trust yourself) and that can drift and shred through tall grass bushlands, sand, paddocks, and more, rolling over tennis ball-sized rocks and branches with ease.

Get one at Bajaboard – $3,300+

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